The Houston Fundraising Scene

This site is intended for our Texas-based schools. However, we also help different organizations around the United States. If you and your group are located outside the state of Texas, click here and visit our national website. You don’t have to worry about the size of your group because we work with groups whose members range from 4 to 4,000!

Pretzels, Cheesecake, Dumplings, Cookie Dough, Rolls

We Turn Ordinary Fundraising Organizers Into Heroes…. Yes, We

Really Do! And We Can Help You To Become One.

Last year was a whopping phenomenon for our schools and groups. With the new philosophy that we use on our prizes, the average sales of each our schools’ and groups’ sellers ranged from 40% to a shocking 800%! We helped a school to increase its sales from $5,400 last fall to $46,000 using the same number of students that belonged to their fundraising group during the previous year and we helped them achieve this IN ONE YEAR!

A school and a football league that’s 17 miles apart from each other went over the fence by topping their best sale ever by going beyond $37,000. The football league earned $23,000 last year while the school earned $25,000. During this year, both of them made an average of $63,000. We surely made heroes out of Stacey and Beth!

Mitchell Intermediate is quite a big school, which had its beginnings with AIM Fundraising about 9 years ago at $68,000. Every year, they’ve increased the sales of the fundraisers and last year, they were able to reach $156,220. This year, their sales went beyond $180,000 (I haven’t got the exact figure yet so I still haven’t updated the chart below.) Can your school earn something as big as that? Trust me, if you told these guys 4 years ago that they were going to get themselves $180,000+ worth of sales, they would surely laugh at you. Take note that the previous years was the recession period.

So, What Made A Huge Difference In Their Fundraiser?

If you’re thinking that it’s the fundraising product, it’s not. All of these guys were doing cookie dough fundraisers before they got some help from AIM and they did the same thing again this year.

Another school named Stafford Middle School did a cookie dough fundraising campaign last year and did it all over again. However, with AIM’s help they were able to achieve a $40,600 larger sale than what they were able to earn during the previous year. This goes to show that IT’S NOT THE FUNDRAISING PRODUCT that makes a huge difference. It’s HOW the fundraiser is run. This is really important for you to know so allow me to say it again: It’s HOW A Fundraiser Is Run!

Take a look at the list below. Some of the groups listed in there had huge increases from the fundraiser that they did the year before. I’m going to say it again, it’s really not the fundraising products that you choose to sell that makes the difference! Let me tell you the secret… It’s really no secret at all. It’s how you run your fundraising program, and THAT is what AIM Fundraising takes pride in, Program Management!

Whether you choose to sell candles, cookie dough, Christmas shoppers or whatever type of product, the manner as to how you’re going to run your sale is the most important thing you’re going to decide about that’s going to determine the fate of your next fundraiser.


The following examples illustrate the difference that proper “program management” can make in a sale!


PRESCHOOLS & DAYCARES # of Sellers Before AIM With Aim
Early Childhood Campus 700 $18,300 $34,250
Mammoth Lakes Preschool 50 $3,500 $8,145
The Galloway School 195 $3,000 $28,340
ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS # of Sellers Before AIM With Aim
Coulson Tough Elementary 1200 $45,000 $94,123
OM Roberts Elementary 550 $18,000 $40,355

TH Johnson



CJ Harris Elementary 980 $39,000 $56,700
Acton Elementary 675 $N/A $61,022
Frost Elementary 540 $14,500 $36,200
Fern Bluff Elementary 720 $29,100 $68,330
Robertson Elem. 5th Grade 75 $2,400 $10,295
Mary Marek Elementary 820 $15,500 $41,270
Latern Lane Elementary 815 $41,800 $49,340
Don Jeter Elementary 735 $19,300 $39,410
Borrow Elementary 705 $31,700 $39,265
EC Mason Elementary 712 $14,900 $39,805
# of Sellers

Before AIM

With Aim
Stafford Middle School 630 $5,600 $46,040
Howell Intermediate 1050 $37,800 $74,290
Mitchell Intermediate 1200 $68,000 $156,220
# of Sellers

Before AIM

With Aim
Stephenville HS Cheer 18 $7,900 $13,325
Granger HS FCCLA 105 $3,500 $13,505
Sharpstown HS Seniors 220 $5,600 $19,370
# of Sellers

Before AIM

With Aim

Leander Pop Warner Football

575 $22,500 $63,735
Austin Texans Soccer Club 970 $14,300 $41,085